Dear friends! It’s OKPAY’s birthday today. Hooray!


We’re 7 this year. OKPAY has grown up and grown smarter during this time, and you are not the least to thank for that. We’re happy to celebrate among true friends like you.

We have enough to surprise you with throughout 2017 - promise ;)
Meanwhile we invite you to have a go at our birthday arcade game - the player who scores the highest number of points gets an iPhone 7 256GB! The second and third prizes are 300.00 USD and 150.00 USD, respectively. Those who take places 4 to 10 get 50.00 USD each to their OKPAY wallets.


Track your results in the standings and leave opponents behind - you have one month to perfect your score!

First place:
iPhone 7 256GB
Second place:
300.00 USD
Third place:
150.00 USD
Places 4 - 10:
50.00 USD