Newest versions of popular CMS have been updated for OKPAY
Update your PrestaShop, OpenCart, or VirtueMart e-commerсe solution to enable OKPAY payments for your business!
Happy Easter!
May all your ideas come true and your life be filled with harmony and peace!
Upcoming delay in banking services
Please note that operations processed via our financial service provider MoneyPolo will be delayed from 14.04.2017 to 17.04.2017.
We announce 7th Birthday competition winners!
Thanks to everyone for participating in the contest — that was amazing! We wish each of you could get a reward, but prizes go to the best players. Drum roll...
Bank details update
New bank details for wire transfers and updates in the list of supported currencies.
Dear friends! It’s OKPAY’s birthday today. Hooray!
Have a go at our birthday arcade game - the winner gets an iPhone 7 256GB and the other nine players with the highest number of points will be awarded money prizes.
OKPAY wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
One of the real joys of the Festive Season is the opportunity to say Thank You to all our customers and partners. Let the New Year bring plenty of opportunities, profit, and money flowing into your Wallets.
We are becoming a EU regulated company
Today we would like to officially begin our transition into regulatory supervision of the Central Bank of Cyprus by launching a new BETA website: As part of the beta launch, registration and financial services are currently available only to Cyprus residents.
Recent versions of popular CMS are now also supporting OKPAY
Update your e-commerсe solution to enable OKPAY payments for your business - expand your sales and revenue with the help of both local and global payment methods as well as essential business tools!
Your web business can get better with OKPAY!
Use the updated e-commerce solutions to enable OKPAY payments for your business. The integration process is anything but complicated! Sell your products or services, expand your palette of payment instruments, and let your business grow!
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