For Partners and About Partners

OKPAY is a payment service provider featuring not only a vast number of payment acceptance options, but flexible payouts and outstanding customer support. We are also pleased to provide many other interesting opportunities of mutually beneficial cooperation and earnings for our partners. Our proposals for a variety of businesses are listed below.

Financial Organizations

We look forward to cooperating with regionally and internationally licensed financial institutions. By offering customers the opportunity to deposit, withdraw, and pay using OKPAY e-currency you significantly increase your turnover and customer base.

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Advertising with OKPAY

Need to boost your sales even more? Purchase special ad spots on the OKPAY website. We are also open to cross-promotions, which include promo-events, discounts, special offers, and other activities that may be interesting to our clients.

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E-currency and Crypto Exchange

OKPAY�s popularity is increasing day to day, meaning more and more clients perform exchanges with OKPAY e-currency. We offer e-currency exchangers and crypto-trade websites the possibility of having a business listing in our special monitoring service.

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Integration Providers and Outsourcing Partners

Outsourcing and freelance companies, developers of e-commerce solutions, and individual specialists are getting a dedicated platform to advertise their businesses absolutely free of charge. Most importantly, we provide the opportunity to get additional orders from our clients.

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Shop System Developers

Integrating the OKPAY payment system into your payment module not only gives you an up-to-date solution perfectly suited for the modern e-commerce market but also the opportunity to receive referral bonuses from payments in favour of the merchants using it. Our partners are also listed in the special catalogue.

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Affiliate Partners, Forum, and Blog Owners

Users willing to advertise OKPAY on available resources receive a unique opportunity to make earnings on referral bonuses for qualified operations performed by referred clients. We have prepared all the required graphical and promotional material for advertising purposes.

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