OKPAY MasterCard® (USD)

OKPAY Card is a prepaid MasterCard® card. It means that OKPAY Card can be used in over a hundred countries — wherever you find a MasterCard Acceptance Mark.

Cashless online and offline payments for goods and services such as ticket and hotel booking, car rental and many more, ATM cash withdrawals - all of these options have become an integral part of our modern life. The key to these almost infinite possibilities is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and you can easily have it in your own hands — OKPAY Card.

The MasterCard Brand Mark is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated.

Special Features

Order an OKPAY Card for your account and get the following advantages:

Complete the card application online without visiting the bank.
Top up your Card instantly from the balance of your OKPAY e-wallet.
Receive email notifications about card top-ups, spendings, etc.
Request a card statement for any period to get the details on your expenses.

Virtual or Plastic?

OKPAY Card is available in two forms: virtual and plastic.

Virtual card for internet-only payments

Payment card information is delivered to your email address. You can start making online purchases immediately.

Plastic card for all kinds of payments

The card is delivered to your residential address. Buy online or in retail stores (POS), withdraw cash from an ATM, etc.

Virtual Plastic
Order Fees
Card order $15 $15
   — Regular post delivery within a few weeks $0 (free) $0 (free)
   — Courier service within five business days
Card Load/Unload
Regular card top-up 1 $3 + 1% $3
Express card top-up 1 $5 + 1% $5
Retrieve funds 2 3% (min. $5) 3% (min. $5)
Transaction Fees
ATM withdrawal 2% (min. $3, max. $15)
POS transaction 0% (free)
Non-financial transaction/decline $0.40 $0.40
Exchange rate for transactions in other currencies Changed daily to reflect currency rates 3
Minimum balance 4 $10
Validity period Up to 12 months 24 months
Card inactivity 5 $10 during the 1st year; $17.50 during the 2nd year

1 Maximum total card top-up amount is $3000 daily. Express card top-up is an automatic deposit processed on a priority basis 24/7.

2 Retrieve funds from your OKPAY Card balance back to your e-wallet. Maximum transfer amount is $500.

3 The calculation method is based on the mid-rate on the day of the bank transaction processing by the card association (note that some card associations send the exchange rate file several times in one day and use different rates for each based on the market rate at the time of each submission) in addition to the mark-up that covers the related currency fluctuations as well as provides the income stream.

4 This amount will be deducted at the moment of the first deposit and is held as a card account closure fee. If a client desires to order another card after the old one expires, this amount can be transferred to the new card account upon contacting support service.

5 If the Card remains inactive for 180 consecutive days, a monthly dormancy fee will be charged. (It will not be charged in full if this would result in a negative Card balance.)

Limits of the USD OKPAY Card

Your OKPAY Card has daily cash withdrawal and purchase limits. These limits are set in accordance with regulations of MasterCard and cannot be changed.

Note: Banks may impose additional withdrawal limits on their ATMs. You may, however, withdraw funds from several banks until you have reached your card limit. Fees may apply.

Operation Limit
Daily ATM transaction $750 (3 withdrawals/day)
Monthly ATM transactions $5000 (30 withdrawals/month)
Daily POS transactions $3000 (8 purchases/day)
Monthly POS transactions $10,000 (60 purchases/month)

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Frequently Asked Questions

OKPAY Card is linked to your OKPAY account and therefore can be funded using your e-wallet balance. The possibilities of using the card are only limited by the MasterCard features - feel free to use it anywhere in the world for online and offline purchases, ATM withdrawals, etc.
In order to apply for an OKPAY Card, you must complete the account verification procedure and fill out the financial questionnaire. Please note that according with the card provider requirements, additional verification documents may be requested even if your OKPAY account is already verified.
Definitely! You can pay for the card order for your recipients by using the OKPAY Card Pre-Order feature. Once the recipient has completed the required verification procedures, the card will be issued and sent at no additional cost. It can be used anywhere in the world - wherever MasterCard is accepted.