Service Fees

Low commissions, starting from 0%

We have cut our service fees to the bare minimum to make OKPAY as cost-effective as possible and keep our customers satisfied.

We are building a reputation as one of the most straightforward and reliable payment processors who value long-term business partnerships much higher than fast profits.

General Fees
   Account Registration Free
   Merchant Activation Free
   Annual Charge Free
   SMS Service Free
   Currency Conversion At market rate
   Account Restoration * €10
Incoming and Payment Fees
   Bank Cards View Bank Card Processing Fees
   Wire Transfers 0% View Online Banking fees
   Money Transfers Free
   E-Currencies View E-Currency fees
   SMS Payments View Fortumo SMS payouts
   Cheque Cashing EUR/USD 2,5% (min. €8/$10, max. €300/$400)
Outgoing and Withdrawal Fees
   Wire Transfers 1% View Online Banking fees
   Money Transfers Find locations and fees
   E-Currencies View E-Currency fees
   OKPAY Card View OKPAY Card fees
Payments and transfers between clients within OKPAY System
   EUR 0.5% (Min. 0.01, Max. 2.99)
   USD 0.5% (Min. 0.01, Max. 2.99)
   GBP 0.5% (Min. 0.01, Max. 2.99)
    View other currencies

* Charged only if the balance is sufficient in case you cannot access your account, e.g. your security settings preventing you from log in.

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