Cheque Cashing

OKPAY accepts institutional and bank cheques in collaboration with our partner Mayzus FS Ltd. We are always happy to provide you with encashment services. We get your cheque, cash it in the bank and make a transfer to your OKPAY account. Further operations are up to you: bank transfer, ATM withdrawals, online purchases, exchanging to other e-currencies, etc.

What is the payment by cheque?

Cheque. This kind of payments is widespread in United States of America. You have done good job for someone, delivered goods purchased and want to get paid for that. The US got used to drawing cheques. The cheque is drawn for your name and sent to you by the post. It contains your name and surname, amount of money and payment purpose. The cheque has a deadline date to be cashed, otherwise it is treated as invalid.

Timing and Charges for Cheques Encashment

According to our rates, here are the charges for cheques encashment:

  • USD Cheque 2,5%, min $10, max $400
  • EUR Cheque 2,5%, min €8, max €300

The cheque should be issued not more than 5 month ago.
After the cheque is received and cleated by the bank funds are put on security hold for 30 days. Funds become available thereafter.

Cheques Requirements

There are some certain requirements, depending on by/to who the cheque was drawn by.

1. If the cheque is drawn for your name

The cheque may be drawn for the client's name:
E.g., John Smith
In this case following title John Smith pay to order Mayzus FS Ltd. #9311245 should be on opposite side together with your signature.

2. The cheque is drawn for Mayzus FS Ltd

If the cheque is drawn for the company name & client's name:
E.g., Mayzus FS Ltd. #9311245, John Smith
In this case the opposite side remains blank.

Where do I send the cheque?

Mail the cheque to this address:

Mayzus Financial Services
PO BOX 1513
111 21 Prague
Czech Republic

For registered letters (including express courier delivery) please use this address:

Mayzus Financial Services
Xaveriova 1946/5
150 00 Prague
Czech Republic

Cheque encashment takes 7 business days from the receiving date.

Terms and conditions of cheque encashment with OKPAY

Cheque encashment is available only for the verified users registered with OKPAY. Registration is free and not time-wasting. Click here to register.

Your OKPAY account balance should have a €100 EUR for the cheque process. If the bank detects forged or fake cheques the penalty of €100 EUR is deducted from the account balance.

Also we will ask you to sign an indemnity form including a power of attorney to confirm that you are fully entitled to the value of the cheque and that there is no attempt to obtain money by deception. This is a standard procedure for your protection to avoid fraud and meet the requirements of money laundering regulations.

On receipt of your cheque, we will check the information provided. If satisfactory, cash will be credited to your OKPAY wallet for the value of the cheque less our commission. Alternatively we will simply return your cheque.