Payment Solution for Financial Institutions

OKPAY represents a set of unique features fitting both financial institutions and their customers.
Financial partner you can rely on

Professional payment solution

Cooperation with OKPAY will allow you to diversify your payment options, significantly increase the number of returning customers, save your time and up your profit!

OKPAY combines the best of two fundamental approaches to financial operations: the ability to receive e-currency payments; and additionally the possibility to accept cash and bank transfers.


All Payment Options: Accept bank transfers, cheques, money transfer systems, phone payment systems and various e-currencies;
Multiple Businesses: Your account can have several wallets, each of them can represent a separate business, thus making the accounting clear and simple;
Multicurrency Wallets: Each wallet can hold funds in several currencies (sub-accounts) of your choice;
Worldwide Points of Contact: OKPAY offers wide network of local ways of depositing and withdrawing, which makes our service unique and really convenient for users from all over the world;
Non-Refundable Payments: There is an ability to receive payments only in OKPAY e-currency what is practically non-refundable*;
Flexible Withdrawals: Withdraw the money you have earned directly to a bank account, via an OKPAY-issued card, money transfer systems, or various supported e-currencies via our integrated exchange services;
No Boundaries: OKPAY Company service is available worldwide with practically no limit on transaction amounts and volumes;
Reliable & Secure: OKPAY account funds are securely protected with an additional possibility of authorization by entering one-time password(s), sent via SMS to a customer’s mobile phone;
User-Friendly: Featuring an all-in-one user-friendly multilingual web interface.

* We reserve the right to investigate and revoke the payment in case of authorized government agencies or financial institutions legitimate request.

Our comprehensive solutions are simple to use, easy to setup and maintain, guaranteeing high quality performance at the lowest cost. If reliability and stability are the keys to success of your business then the answer is obvious!