The company OKPAY has launched its integration system for online shops and internet businesses


OKPAY has introduced a unique integration system for merchants wishing to accept online payments, including those made using the convenient and reliable OKPAY electronic money.

With the unified integration interface offered by OKPAY, you will be able to accept payments through any of the payment systems OKPAY cooperates with. For our clients, this service is available without having to open separate accounts or verify and sign contracts with each of these companies and without the need to deal separately with every payment option on their websites.

One contract with OKPAY gives you the ability to accept payments using a variety of popular payment systems, thus saving your time and increasing profit - now your customers can pay you in ways which are the most convenient and advantageous for them.

OKPAY makes it easy for you to sell digital products or services as well as tangible goods - in this latter case the system will request the buyer’s address during payment.

To start selling through OKPAY, you absolutely do not need programming skills - just create a payment button or link using a special wizard which will ask you for the necessary payment information, and choose a good-looking graphic. Then place your newly-created button (HTML code) on your website and start receiving payments!

Concurrently with sales on your website, you can start selling your goods or services to the entire community of OKPAY users! To do this, add your product or service to the catalogue called OKPAY Marketplace by filling out a simple web form. You will be able to upload pictures of the product as well as provide a detailed description using the power of HTML formatting. Your product or service will be promptly added to the selected category of the catalogue and will be instantly available to the large and affluent community of OKPAY members!

We invite owners of all types of businesses to use OKPAY for payment processing. Our low fees and quality service are keys to the success of your business!

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