Referral program, version 2.0 – generous and instant payouts!


We have improved our referral program and put it the best among all e-currency services.

New referral program is not just additional features to the previous program, but instant payouts as well. Thus, you get money to your OKPAY account online straight after your referral makes any operation, included to the list of payouts allowed.

Here are the payouts according to the new referral program:

  • From 10% up to 20% per each commission of your referrals’ transactions
  • From $0.25 up to $3 per each order of the OKPAY Card
  • From $0.10 up to $0.20 per each loading of the OKPAY Card
  • From 0.25% up to 0.5% per each e-currency deposits
  • From $0.50 up to $1 per bank withdrawal
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For example, let’s say you have 50 referrals per month:

1) Lump sum
According to statistics, on average every second referral orders postal card delivery (+$0.25), every ninth referral orders courier card delivery (+$3). So you earn $21.25 USD per month, that comes to $255 USD a year.

2) Monthly payouts
Every card holder loads the card at least once a month (+$0.20), every second referral makes e-currency deposits for about $100 each month (+$0.50), one of ten makes a bank withdrawal (+$1). So your steady monthly earning may grow for $23.5 USD, that comes to $1833 USD a year.

Please note, your referrals can also invite people and make you get the referral payouts of the second level! Now just imagine, your earnings will grow every month. By the twelfth month you will have earned $282 USD/a month, which is the earning of 50 referrals a month not including the transactions fees and referral payouts of the second level!!!

As a result, you may earn up to $2000 a year, just inviting 50 new users every month. It doesn't mean you can't invite 200 people per month and more!

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