OKPAY Card Fees

The initial cost of OKPAY Card is just the cost of its delivery: by ordinary post within a few weeks - $15, by courier postal service within five business days - $70; virtual card - $15. Plastic card is valid for 24 months; virtual card can be valid for up to 12 months. General information on OKPAY commissions and charges can be found on the Service Fees page.

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Our Tariffs

Plastic card top-up $3.00
Virtual card top-up $3.00 + 1%
Automatic deposit * top-up fee + $2
Retrieve funds ** 3% (min. $5)
ATM withdrawal 2% (min. $3, max. $15)
POS transaction 0% (free)
Non-financial transaction/decline $0.40
Exchange rate for transactions in other currencies MasterCard currency conversion ***

If the Card remains inactive for 180 consecutive days, a monthly dormancy fee will be charged (it will not be charged in full if this would render the balance negative):

during the 1st year $10.00
during the 2nd year $17.50

If you forget your PIN there is a $15.00 PIN replacement fee. There is a $15.00 fee for closing a Card account.

* Processed automatically 24/7 within a short period of time. Maximum total amount is $3000 daily.
** Retrieve funds from your OKPAY Card balance back to your eWallet. Maximum transfer amount is $500.
*** The calculation method is dependent on the above criteria and the rate used is based on the previous business day’s mid-rate applied by the card scheme company (noting that some companies send the exchange rate file several times in one day, and use different rates for each based on the market rate at the time of each submission) in addition to a mark-up that covers the related currency fluctuations as well as provides an income stream.

Limits of USD OKPAY Card

Minimum card balance is $10.00. This amount will be deducted at the moment of the first deposit and is held as a card account closure fee. If a client desires to order another card after the old one expires - this amount can be returned to the new card account upon contacting support service.

Daily ATM transaction $2,000.00
(3 withdrawals/day)
(6 withdrawals/day)
Monthly ATM transaction $10,000.00
(30 withdrawals/month)
(30 withdrawals/month)
Daily POS transaction $3,000.00
(8 purchases/day)
(16 purchases/day)
Monthly POS transaction $15,000.00
(60 purchases/month)
(60 purchases/month)
  You get these limits initiallyYou can apply for these limits if your account turnover exceeds $10,000.00 per month

To increase the limits just send us a request via Support Desk. We will review the requests on a case-by-case basis and increase velocities (transaction limits) as required. You may be requested to provide us with notarized copies of your ID and proof of address, sent by post or courier service. Limit changing is free of charge.

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