Personal Account Service Fees

When choosing a payment provider, people look for simplicity and convenience and seek to avoid additional charges. We give them what they want.

We keep our fees at the minimum amount possible, providing fast, reliable, and high-quality service. Our goal is to make OKPAY an affordable solution while at the same time implementing the newest technologies and keeping up with the latest industry trends. All the basic features are free. OKPAY is just as much about cost-savings as it is about smooth transactions.

Free Account Registration
Free Account Maintenance
Minimal Commissions
Free SMS Service
Account Restoration €10
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Top-Up and Withdrawal Fees - {{vm.GetCurrencyName(vm.Data.DefaultCurrency)}}

Payment Instrument Top-up Withdrawal
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Exchange Rates - {{vm.GetCurrencyName(vm.Data.DefaultCurrency)}}

Below you can find the current exchange rates for supported currencies within OKPAY system.

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