Send Global Payouts

Making global business happen with fast and reliable mass payouts

A few tasks that can be optimized with OKPAY Payouts

  • Freelance and outsourcing payments
  • Affiliate network payroll
  • Supplier payments
  • Mass disbursements
  • Customer refunds
  • Entertainment and gambling payouts
Does your business need to pay hundreds of members and distributors in various countries? Send payments anywhere in the world via multiple options at any time with ease and convenience! Payout is a simple way to send wages to your employees and affiliates via an automated process.

Global Payments Made Easy

OKPAY e-payroll solutions allow you to send payouts using options that are convenient for your payees. You will not need to spend hours tracking payments and various accounts anymore. Let OKPAY do all the hard work for you.
Electronic Payments You can send payouts to both OKPAY users and clients of third-party payment providers in a couple of clicks.
Payment Cards Make payouts to any bank cards or payment cards offered by OKPAY. Funds can be easily cashed out or used for purchases.
Bank Wires Bank transfer is the most reasonable and cost-efficient payment method when sending large amounts of funds.
Cash Transfers A reliable, fast, and familiar option: your clients will receive payments in cash without the need to withdraw money.

Smart API and Payment Automation

Automatic Payouts Use our API to send mass payouts to affiliates, freelancers, and employees, or to arrange withdrawals to credit cards as well as other payment systems. View the Payment Automation Guide
Comprehensive Integration Guide You can find detailed technical instructions, manuals, and code samples in popular programming languages in our Developer Center. OKPAY Developer Center
Ask Our Development Team If you encounter any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact our technical specialists. We are pleased to share valuable advice with you. Contact the Support Team.

Improve connectivity between your business and your payees, minimize payout processing errors, and streamline the entire global payment management process.

Get Started with OKPAY

Soalan Lazim

We are happy to offer the possibility to utilize OKPAY account for the purposes of setting up flexible payouts not only to clients registered with OKPAY but also to any individual or legal entity, regardless of the recipient's country and the payment amount. In this case you can use the services of online banking, cash money transfer, or any payment method available for withdrawal. Feel free to automate any task via our feature-rich API.
Setting up a payout project within OKPAY is one of the best ways to quickly arrange mass payments for your business from scratch. Basically, OKPAY provides all the required functionality for a successful payout project including the following features: mass payments, scheduled payments, card pre-orders as well as automation of any task via our feature-rich API. Send money with OKPAY to any email address. If the client is not registered yet, they will be able to sign up and receive the money later.
In addition to the web interface, OKPAY provides all the necessary API tools and documentation. Merchants can find a comprehensive guide, variable references and code samples in our Developer Center.