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з власним акаунтом
Здійснювати онлайн-покупки або надсилати гроші друзям з OKPAY простіше, ніж будь-коли - вам потрібна лише адреса електронної пошти. OKPAY забезпечує захист ваших грошей та персональних даних і ви у будь-який момент можете отримати подробиці про всі свої платежі.

Ключові переваги

Send money Pay for purchases in online shops; send funds to your friends or loved ones. You just need to enter the recipient's email to make a transfer.
Receive money Affiliate rewards, transfers from relatives and colleagues, or other payments are credited to your e-wallet instantly after being sent.
Отримайте платіжну картку Order a payment card and link it to your account, fund it with your e-wallet balance, and use it to pay for everyday purchases or withdraw cash at ATMs.
Request money Request money from family members or any other user: all you have to do is enter the email address of the person you want to ask for money.
Exchange currencies You can pay and receive money in 21 currencies and instantly convert them right in your e-wallet at a cost close to the market rate.
Автоматизуйте платежі Pay membership and subscription fees the most convenient way. Once set up, payments will be sent or deducted automatically without taking your time.

Додаткові можливості

Відповідно до ваших потреб, можна створити необмежену кількість гаманців, що зробить фінансовий облік зручнішим та прозорішим.

В одному гаманці можна тримати гроші у різних валютах і так само поповнювати гаманець будь-якою з 21 валюти, що підтримує система.

Кожен гаманець вашого акаунта має власний баланс і унікальні реквізити для поповнення за допомогою банківського переказу.

Поповнення / Виведення коштів

Оберіть один з 16 міжнародних і місцевих способів поповнення гаманця OKPAY або виведення грошей.



Money Polo









Money Polo


Exchanger Monitoring Service

If you want to use an electronic currency that is not supported by OKPAY to top up your account or withdraw funds, check out the exchanger monitoring service OKchanger.com. This website will help you find a reliable exchanger to convert your money quickly and with minimal fees.

Payment Cards

Order a payment card to withdraw your e-wallet balance. You can send your funds directly to the card, then cash it out at an ATM or use it for payments just like familiar credit cards.

Order Your Payment Card Now!

Worldwide Service

21 World Currencies Shopping, trading, playing, hosting - with your OKPAY e-wallet you can pay for a wide range of international online services in 21 currencies.
Multilingual Interface Our website interface has been translated into the world's most commonly spoken languages, making you feel at home with your OKPAY e-wallet in any country.
Online Support in 3 Languages Don't hesitate to contact our Support Service with any question, suggestion, or feedback. We are there for you 24/7 to resolve any query.

Your Financial Security Is Our Top Priority

Your private and financial information is not revealed
Unlike bank wires and credit card payments, using OKPAY e-wallet doesn't expose any of your personal information. You don't need to enter anything other than your email address and OKPAY password when making a payment. Thus, no sensitive data is ever put at risk.

Fraud is effectively deterred
At OKPAY, we want to help you protect your identity and avoid fraudulent activity in our payment system. That's why we pay very careful attention to customer verification and perform ongoing transaction monitoring for suspicious activity.

Access to your account is 100% secure
OKPAY security features include two-factor authentication with a PIN generated on the user's mobile device or sent by SMS, security questions, and access restriction based on IP address range. You are free to choose and combine these options to protect your account as you feel appropriate.

Часті питання

Your OKPAY wallet identifier can be found in the list of your wallets under the wallet title as well as on the wallet properties page. It is of the form OK123456789.
Users are able to tweak wallet settings as well as enable/disable supported currencies in the wallet's properties. Common settings include changing the wallet title, color, available currencies, linked emails and phones.
In order to fully utilize the features of the OKPAY e-wallet, we advise our clients to enable additional wallets in their account. By simply adding another wallet, you can easily divide your payments for different services, maintain separate records of your income and expenses as well as optimize your financial tasks.
All electronic transactions in the OKPAY e-currency are final and non-reversible. If you require a refund from a merchant or have another issue, please contact the receiver of funds directly and ask them to send the money back to you.