Further improvements in your OKPAY Account!


We have made several noticeable interface and functionality improvements to OKPAY accounts making our innovative payment system even more flexible.

Wallet Balance

Real-time Balance Display

OKPAY Wallet balance updates are now displayed next to each operation. This means you can see, not only your current wallet balance, but also the way the balance changes with each operation. Check the rightmost "Balance" column on the My Account.

This will allow you to check the backdated balance as well. Tracking the balance is more convenient this way: you do not need to manually calculate balance changes, the system will automatically display balance updates of wallet currencies before and after any operation.

Wallet Filters

Multi-Wallet Highlights and Filters

This update is extremely handy for those having several wallets in OKPAY. Operations of each of your OKPAY wallets will be highlighted with a color of your choice allowing easy and quick navigation through your transaction list. Additionally, this list can be filtered to show only certain wallets - just check or uncheck corresponding wallets on the My Account page.

Operations Export

Improved Transactions Export

Introducing updated transaction history search and export feature for financial analysis and accounting. To get a list of transactions, select the desired timeframe and parameters then choose export format (CSV or XML). It will take some time to process your request (depends on the volume of transactions in your account) in the end you will find a download link. If you do not want to wait until the link is generated and displayed on screen, you can close the window as it will also be emailed to your address.

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