Euro currency wire transfers between EU banks are getting cheaper!


OKPAY e-Wallet funding is much easier and cheaper for our clients residing in the European Union. Besides that, EUR withdrawals via bank wire transfer are now also much cheaper for the recipient banks from SEPA-member countries due to the lower wire transfer cost in Sofort Bank. Wire transfer deposit or withdrawal cost decreased by at least €10 EUR for EUR transfers.

Free of charge e-Wallet top-up for banks that support SEPA transfers

For the convenience of our clients we have added Sofort banking details for instant and free of charge wire transfer deposits (OKPAY account funding). SEPA-member countries (Single Euro Payment Area) include all European Union and European Economic Area countries and several countries outside of the European Union. Make sure to specify IBAN and BIC (SWIFT) codes while sending a SEPA wire transfer to fund your OKPAY account. Transfer costs will not be more than for the regular domestic transfer.

Sofort instant transfer fee is lowered to 2% (min €0.10 EUR)

Sofort is a safe and secure way to make online deposits directly from your bank. To top-up your OKPAY account using Sofort you only need your online bank account information. Sofort directly transfers the money from your bank account to your OKPAY e-Wallet in a fast, secure and easy way. Sofort can be used with over 99% of all online bank accounts in 9 European countries – to check whether yours is one of them, visit for more information.

Wire transfer withdrawal for banks that support SEPA transfers

EUR wire transfer withdrawals from the OKPAY account are also lower, faster and more convenient for customers residing in the European Union. Withdrawal to any bank which is a member of SEPA union costs not be more than for the regular domestic transfer (plus regular 1% OKPAY withdrawal fee). To send funds this way just specify IBAN and BIC (SWIFT) codes for your SEPA bank in the wire withdrawal request form.

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